Pokémon Songs


Pokémon Weihnachtsparty

Pokémon Christmas Bash
Pokémon Weihnachtsparty  
Language: German
Country: Austria

01 - Die Pokémon Weihnachtsparty
Pokémon Christmas Bash

02 - Ich schenk Santa ein Pikachu
I'm Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas

03 - Winter ist, die coolste Zeit im Jahr
Winter Is The Coolest Time Of Year

04 - Ein Tag den jeder mag
Nobody Don't Like Christmas

05 - Mein Zuhause
I Keep My Home In My Heart

06 - Weihnachslied
The Christmas Song

07 - Unterm Mistelzweig
Under The Mistletoe

08 - Santa Claus
Must Be Santa

09 - Die Weihnachtsnacht
The Night Before Christmas

10 - Pokémon Weihnachtsmix
Christmas Medley


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    1. if youre still searching for the cd, i can send you the mp3 files

  2. "pika-shoe" - i'm german and i'm feeling terribly ashamed right now. sounds even worse than the english versions^^ the cringe is strong in this one

    and the people that are singing these songs - not the voice actors from our german dub